bar·bar·i·an Pronunciation: \bär-ˈber-ē-ən\
Function: adjective. Etymology: Latin barbarus

1 : of or relating to a land, culture, or people alien and usually believed to be inferior to another land, culture, or people.
2 : having a bizarre, primitive, or unsophisticated quality, savagery

Monday, May 21, 2012

Barbaric Filming

Well filming is coming to an end in the next couple of weeks. And the barbarians have been stacking bangers. The month of June is the goal to get the DVD out to the duplicators. Were all really excited! The photo above is Kyle Walker doing a huge ass gap to grass roller. The clip he got before this was quite possible the most insane set up I have seen and he pulled it first go. It was fucking nuts. Keep an eye out for his section in the "Santa Barbarians The Quest For The Holy Rail" nothing short from epic!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Victor Vs The Decade

Victor went to this set up a couple weeks ago and got really close to pulling a
decade out of a wild bank set up. He came close by missing his foot on the pedal a couple times, then ended up taking to the pavement full of body slams. Ending up throwing the towel in for another day. We came back today for revenge but unfortunately bad luck strikes leading him to fall off the ledge onto the stairs wrenching his foot. He should be back in action in no time. Victor is a warrior.