bar·bar·i·an Pronunciation: \bär-ˈber-ē-ən\
Function: adjective. Etymology: Latin barbarus

1 : of or relating to a land, culture, or people alien and usually believed to be inferior to another land, culture, or people.
2 : having a bizarre, primitive, or unsophisticated quality, savagery

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

charlie Crumlish on Albes

hell ya i found out few days ago that Charlie Crumlish is
now apart of the albes team but had to keep it hush haha,
well im stoked to have a homie on the team hope we can
do a trip soon
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The let down

so i had the day off of work and was driving around sb to find some apartment complex rails, Ian Munro had reminded me of a parking lot to parking lot rail with a dope drop on the side that i had toothed a wile back for Cody York while he was out here working for bmx plus mag, i might have been 17 or 18 years old so its been a wile since ive been up their, i wanted to re do the tooth for the barbarian dvd but they had taken the parking lot rail out an put a huge building there so i was super let down it was a pretty famous spot Ian had t hanged it an iced it for an old kink video an i know a few skaters have done it too but with all that said here's a before an after shot photo credit Cody York.

Valley Shredboner



the first sample or the barbarian shirts  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moving Forward

Alright been meaning to drop this after my leave at Giant BMX.

Well first and foremost I would like to greatly thank Chris Arriaga for giving me the opportunity and support to ride for Giant BMX. In the past couple of years riding for Giant I had a great time riding the parts and shredding with incredible talented team members. I recently felt the need to move on, and set greater intentions for myself. Giant to me was in a stagnant state. With the economy being in a downfall it was understandable that it was difficult to renew part production to the BMX program quickly. With that being said I hope to see Giant achieve with BMX products and focus on building a better structure for the riders. I'm excited to see what the future brings for myself. As of right now my plans are to focus on editing the "Santa Barbarians The Quest For The Holy Rail" DVD which should be dropping this summer. And finish up filming for Chris's video he has in the works.
Thanks Giant for everything!



Another oldie from the past. Raymond starting his run with a birdcall.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jimmy Dawb

Jimmy is a true OG. Been killing it for years and still be out shredding and burning dro. Here is an old clip from back in the day I found. Homie4life.

Fly strength

Don't fuck with the Berg

Chillin' the most!

The homie Jordan and I posted with DJ Quik. Legend.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

parting ways

so as of today Luduh Chris Arriaga has left his job at Giant bikes as a global product developer,he will still be team manager an he will still be riding for the team witch is awesome,Chris will now be working for Bmx plus magazine as a assistant editor, and as for Alex Raban he has left the Giant bmx program on account that the big heads at giant didn't want to push the bmx team, Alex wont have any trouble finding a new home, we can always use a homie on Solid lol,but with that said Chris and the rest of the giant team were all working on a video called( Ride Life )it is still in the works ,it wont be a giant video but Chris has added Ian Munro and myself Cody Bowers and a few others to help out and its gunna be epic, i give my two friends my best wishes and cant wait for this weekend to shred with you guy.. Barbaians  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cody Bowers- Gettin Jibby Wit It

Hellish Crossfire

Burns it down

Sean Burns says "don't sleep on the Barbarians"

Ian C Munro

Ian is the backbone to the barbarians, the leader, the man, the mith, the legend
and to most of us a best friend, Ian's been working hard lately to finish up his part
hes got a few more clips to get and their definitely under the gun with the deadline coming soon, he might be puking in the photo but you shoulda seen the huge ass t wip he did seconds before.


Bowers doin it with a rail feebs

the time is now

well since the video [Santa Barbarians and the quest for the holy rail] is about to drop i decided to start updating the most barbaric blog on the inter web.