bar·bar·i·an Pronunciation: \bär-ˈber-ē-ən\
Function: adjective. Etymology: Latin barbarus

1 : of or relating to a land, culture, or people alien and usually believed to be inferior to another land, culture, or people.
2 : having a bizarre, primitive, or unsophisticated quality, savagery

Monday, February 27, 2012

The let down

so i had the day off of work and was driving around sb to find some apartment complex rails, Ian Munro had reminded me of a parking lot to parking lot rail with a dope drop on the side that i had toothed a wile back for Cody York while he was out here working for bmx plus mag, i might have been 17 or 18 years old so its been a wile since ive been up their, i wanted to re do the tooth for the barbarian dvd but they had taken the parking lot rail out an put a huge building there so i was super let down it was a pretty famous spot Ian had t hanged it an iced it for an old kink video an i know a few skaters have done it too but with all that said here's a before an after shot photo credit Cody York.

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