bar·bar·i·an Pronunciation: \bär-ˈber-ē-ən\
Function: adjective. Etymology: Latin barbarus

1 : of or relating to a land, culture, or people alien and usually believed to be inferior to another land, culture, or people.
2 : having a bizarre, primitive, or unsophisticated quality, savagery

Thursday, February 16, 2012

parting ways

so as of today Luduh Chris Arriaga has left his job at Giant bikes as a global product developer,he will still be team manager an he will still be riding for the team witch is awesome,Chris will now be working for Bmx plus magazine as a assistant editor, and as for Alex Raban he has left the Giant bmx program on account that the big heads at giant didn't want to push the bmx team, Alex wont have any trouble finding a new home, we can always use a homie on Solid lol,but with that said Chris and the rest of the giant team were all working on a video called( Ride Life )it is still in the works ,it wont be a giant video but Chris has added Ian Munro and myself Cody Bowers and a few others to help out and its gunna be epic, i give my two friends my best wishes and cant wait for this weekend to shred with you guy.. Barbaians  

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